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Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Rear Brake Upgrade

Author: Jeep Iceland

ATTN. I’m NOT a professional mechanic so this is all done to my best knowledge, use at your own risk.

In the first part of this article, I upgraded the front brakes and replaced the worn CV boots on my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Continue on as I replace the rear brakes on my ZJ.

As with the front rotors, remove the two bolts attaching the caliper and lift it up by pulling from bottom of caliper. Safely support the caliper to prevent the brake lines from pulling, twisting or otherwise getting damaged:
Remove the caliper from the rotor

Remove the clips and the rotor. The rotor may need a few carefully placed "taps" with a hammer to come loose:
Remove the rotor from the lugs

Put anti-seize compound on and remove the old pad, again leave the one on the caliper piston and force back with a c-clamp. Check the master cylinder reservoir to keep brake fluid from overflowing as you push the piston back in. Install new pads and rotor:
Use a C-clamp to push the piston back into the caliper
Support the caliper

Re-install caliper, close reservoir and pump the brakes a few times and check reservoir again. Before driving the Jeep, make sure that you properly bleed your brake system.
Reinstall the rotor and caliper

Put the wheels on, lower the Jeep, double check lug nuts, go inside and have a cold one…..or two. My new brakes squeaked at first but are fine now and braking is a lot better.

New brakes on the Jeep ZJ

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