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Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Brake Upgrade and CV Boot Replacement

Author: Jeep Iceland

ATTN. I’m NOT a professional mechanic so this is all done to my best knowledge, use at your own risk.

First the obvious, safely support the Jeep on jack stands and remove all four wheels.

Let’s start with the front rotors first. Use a C-clamp or similar tool to press the piston into the caliper. It will make it easier to later remove the caliper. There could be retainer clips holding the rotor on to the lug nut bolts,remove them.

Then using a 13mm wrench remove the two bolts holding the caliper:
Remove the bolts attaching the caliper

Now with the two bolts removed, remove the caliper by pulling it from the top backwards. You may have to carefully force it with a screwdriver or something similar. Support the caliper so it doesn't fall or otherwise stretch the brake lines while you remove the rotor:
Support the caliper

Remove the rotor. You may have to use some force to pull the rotor off the lugs.
Remove the rotor from the lugs

 Skip the next steps if you are NOT replacing the CV boots!!!!

Remove the three 12 point 13mm bolts attaching the hub to the axle (one is not visible on this side):
Remove the bolts attaching the hub to the axle

Use a wire brush on both ends of the hub bolts and spray with a penetrant such as WD-40 prior to removal. It makes the removal easier. I used a ½ inch socket and gently tapped in on there for a tight fit. My bolts were a bit rusty it may be a good idea to have new ones to install.
Gently tap a 1/2 inch socket onto the hub bolts

Bang that sucker until the hub and axle come loose (not too hard though!):
Gently tap the hub and axle

Pull out the hub and axle. Remove the two clamps holding the CV boot and cut or slide off the old CV boot:
Remove the hub and axle

Put a small amount of grease on the new CV boot and slide it on. Put more grease on the bearing which comes with new CV boot. Fasten the CV boot with new clamps and reassemble. Clean all bolts before you install them. Tighten all three by hand, then tighten them sequentially like you would with lug nuts:
Install the new CV boot on the axle

Now let’s continue with the new rotors. Inspect the piston the pads slide on. They may be damaged by the pads (Upper sliders too.) Purchase new pistons or fill the damage by welding and smoothing with a grinder. Put some anti-seize compound on there. Remove the old pads, the outboard first and leave the inner pad on for now:
Remove the brake pad from the caliper

Using a C-clamp and the old brake pad, carefully force the caliper piston back. First open the brake fluid reservoir and take care when forcing it back that it won’t overflow. You can siphon fluid out if it get’s too high, but do not let any brake fluid touch your paint (it will eat the paint.)
Use a C-clamp to push the piston back into the caliper

Then remove the remaining old brake pad and install the new ones. Install the brake pad next to the piston first.
Install the new brake pads on the caliper

Put the caliper aside and install the new or machined rotor. I put some anti-seize compound under there first. Clean the new rotor with brake cleaner and install it on the lugs:
Install the new rotor on the lugs

Clean the caliper bolts and then reinstall the caliper. Great! We're done with the front:
The finshed Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ brakes

Continue to the rear brake upgrade

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