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Welded Spiders in a 14 Bolt Axle

Author: Swamp Boy

Today we locked up Jeff (Donzi's) SJ's rear end by installing welded spider gears. He got them online already welded but if you can hold a welding rod you can do it yourself. It is very simple to weld them up. So without further ado...Here we go.

The 14 bolt is a full floating axle so no jacks are required.

We started by removing the axle shafts.

axle removal

This is a very important step - dont mess it up. =)

Then we took a center punch and marked the carrier retention nuts on either side of the center pins (visible in this picture.)

overall view

Then we removed the bearing caps. Be sure to keep them seperate and oriented top and bottom for reinstall. I dont have a good picture of the carrier retention nuts - that is what the punch marks are for. Rotate the nuts one full turn each then try to remove the carrier. If it won't come out rotate them another full turn. Do this until they come out making sure to count the turns. (I used my center punch in the holes to rotate the nuts.)

Then set the carrier on your table and remove the ring gear. I marked the ring gear and carrier so that they would go together the same. Once the ring gear is off, the carrier will come apart like this:

carrier with spiders removed

This is a picture with the spiders removed

Here are the welded spiders ready to install. Be sure to really lube them up.

welded spider

Then put the ring gear back on and reinstall, following these directions in reverse order to reassmeble.

Put the carrier back in this hole.

empty housing

And so on...=)
Then all that is left is to try it out.
Like so....

test run

Here this is my truck after trying to keep up with Jeff all afternoon.

Swamp truck

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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