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Front Jeeperman Single Hoop Bumper

Author: WhatWasIThinkin

First of all, thanks to JaySea and Code3TJ for recommending Jeeperman bumpers way back when. Thanks to 'drack, Outlaw, and JaySea again for goading me into installing this thing during sub-arctic fingers are still numb. I hope you're all happy!

I had been hearing about Jeeperman products ever since buying my first TJ. I had looked at many bumpers from a lot of different sources and talked to or emailed a lot of Jeep folks asking their opinion on different brands out there. I heard both good and bad on the different ones, all except Jeeperman. All good comments. I was now ready to order.

That brings us to Raingler. Raingler shipped out my bumper very quickly, considering it was the Christmas and New Years holidays, everything I ordered was in stock and shipped right out. The front bumper I ordered was one of there stock 46" single hoop w/black powder coat finish.

Jeeperman bumper in shipping cartonTwo things that are quite apparent when I received the cardboard cartons from Fedex:

#1 The folks at Jeeperman/Raingler really want the purchaser to put the first scratches on their bumper. It came in a strapped double walled heavy duty cardboard carton. The bumper inside is wrapped in foam shipping cloth.

#2 The folks that manufacture these bumpers take a lot of pride in their own work and it shows in the quality product they put out.


OEM Jeep bumperThis is a real easy swap. The OEM bolts were a little stubborn but the breaker bar and a little elbow grease loosened them right up. Here's how it looked when I started. It was just a matter of removing the 6 bumper bolts, the fog lamps and the swaybar trim cover. It took about 15 minutes to remove everything.

The Jeeperman feels like its at least twice the weight of the stocker. Just pick it up and set it where the stocker was. Line up the holes with the frame and put a couple of the bolts in so that it will not slip back off the frame. I then used some Red locktight on the threads of all the bolts and started all 6 back in. You will re-use the OEM bolts, so hopefully you didn't lose them. There isn't any adjusting to do, just start tightening the bolts. I snugged them first and then started tightening them, one side at a time. Bottom first and then the top. Working back and forth sort of pinches the bumper onto the frame while tightening. No torque specs come with them, so I set them at 75ft pounds.

passenger side mountThe Jeeperman comes winch-ready with its own built in winch plate and fairlead mount. Plenty of other holes and mounts for lighting systems or Hi-Lift jack mounting are included.


When I tried to mount the OEM bumper mounted fog lamps, I found that their wire leads were too short so that they didn't have enough length to reach the new bumper. What I did for now (and will fix when the weather gets warmer) was to pull the clip holding the wire loom up under the fender loose and wire tied it in place for now. It's up out of harm's way and allowed me to mount the lamps on the new bumper.

ShackleAlso included are 2 3/4" d-mounts welded from both sides. I took styling cues from JaySea and I coated the shackles with yellow tool dip. Here is the finished product.

I found that it was very difficult to locate the D-ring shackles locally. Either I couldn't find anything larger than 1/2" or when I did find the size I wanted, they were wayyyy too expensive (~$20 each) or they were imported and un-rated which could lead to a dangerous situation.

I located the ones I wanted online from McMaster-Carr. They're a national industrial hardware company. The bumper is set up to take 3/4" pins. Don't order 3/4" shackles, they have 7/8" pins. I ordered part #3663T43 which is a 5/8" shackle with a 3/4" pin rated at 10,000 pounds . They were only $9.07 each and @ $10 each delivered to my door. That order arrived in 2 days.

Final Jeeperman installYou can order these excellent bumpers from Raingler.

Anybody need a bumper/snow gauge?Anybody need a bumper/snow gauge?

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