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Underhood Hi-lift Installation

Author: Quadna71

This is just a quick rundown on the latest tinkering I did yesterday. Keep in mind that putting the jack under the hood will only work if you have the 48" version.

Items needed:

u-bolts - 2"x5/16" stainless steel - 2 total
rubber tie down - 8" - or the equivalent (velcro straps work well too)
rubber tape - used as anti-chafing wrap on the radiator support rods

1. Open the hood and lay it back all the way to the windshield. Disconnect the battery terminal - even though this job has nothing to do with the electrical system it's always a good practice to get used to do doing. Besides, after you pull the terminal, you'll want to lay something over the battery to keep from bumping the jack against the top (I just used an old flannel).

2. Pull the pin on the foot of the jack and slide the foot off. Reinsert the pin into the foot of the jack and set that down under the drivers seat - it's a good fit there. I took the body of the jack and slid it up the support shaft a good 8 or 9 holes - this will have the handle overlapping the support shaft about 1.5". At this length, you'll be able to mount it to the radiator support rods and still not have any issues hitting the hood. make sure you rotated the hook at the top of the jack to face the same direction as the lifting hook on the body of the jack (mine was pointing up when I bought it).

3. I used the rubber tape to wrap the radiator support rods so that they wouldn't get all scratched up. It also keeps the jack quiet when you're hitting good bumps. Wrap a good 4" section on each rod so that there's a little overlap when the jack is mounted.

4. Standing on the driver's side, slowly slide the jack (top first) under the right side radiator support rod and continue to push it under until the bottom of the jack can clear and be slid under the left radiator support rod. Pull it back while under both rods until it's centered. The body of the jack should be almost touching the left radiator support rod.

5. Allow the jack to rest on the brake booster and then move over to the right side to mount it first. I put some more rubber tape wrap on the u-bolt too to keep it from vibrating on the bottom of the jack. Lift the jack up to the rod and install the u-bolt. Go ahead and snug up the bolts hand tight - you can smoke them down later when the other side is connected. Head over to the right side and do the same. Once it's good and centered go ahead and smoke down the nuts - the jack should pull itself flat against the radiator support rod.

6. Use the ruber strap (bungy, velcro, or rope will work too) to keep the jack handle tight against the jack. The spring clip may help keep it from bonking you in the head when using it on the jeep but I'm sure your engine's fan isn't as trusting

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the finished product - this mod was very simple...


passenger side

driver side


I have since installed a Jeeperman rear bumper/tire carrier that has provisions for mounting the Hi-lift on it. I put the jack on there instead and plan on leaving it there. I heard plenty of people saying that the radiator support rods would end up cracking away from the firewall after long-term storage there - this may happen over time, but in the year that I had it on there (numerous PAP and Rausch Creek runs included), I saw no ill-effects and enjoyed all of my storage space in the back without the jack taking up room.

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