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PML Valve Covers for Jeep 258 6 Cylinder Engines

PML Jeep 258 valve coverPML has released sand-cast aluminum valve covers for Jeep 258 engines. For a limited time, they're available with special introductory pricing. The covers include integrated baffles and holes for PCV, breather, and oil fill. PML valve covers solve leak and PCV "blow-by" problems. These valve covers feature:
The photo shows the as-cast finish. Holes can be easily drilled for studded rocker arm bridges (see the link for the installation instructions below) or PML can drill them for an additional cost.

One note about the finishes: PML valve covers are made using the sand-casting process. This is the same process that is used to make intake manifolds, water pumps, and engine blocks. PML's parts are not produced in huge quantities offshore and no two parts are exactly the same. Sand-cast parts have a rougher surface finish than die cast, billet, or stamped parts. When sand-cast parts are polished, it is not uncommon for some porosity (very small holes) to be uncovered. Installation instructions can be viewed here.

For additional information, please contact PML at (310) 671-4345 or on the web at

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