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Novak Conversions Universal Transfer Case Shifter

Novak Conversions SK2X Transfer Case ShifterNovak Conversions has announced the release of a universal transfer case shifter for Jeeps called the SK2X Shifter Assembly. Designed for YJ & TJ Wranglers, to XJ, MJ and ZJ Jeeps, the shifter replaces everything from the shift plate at the transfer case, right up to the shifter knob in the driver's hand - in all of these Jeeps. It will shift the 207, 231 (four position) and 242 (five position) transfer cases, as well as 4:1 low conversion cases, and units with aftermarket "4-Low" shift plates.

This is a universally designed shifter that will accommodate all the above Jeeps with factory powertrains as well as Jeeps with transmission conversions using all Novak and usually other brands of adapter assemblies. The shifter's universal nature and wide range of adjustability puts the installer in control of the installation, with the design freedom needed to suit their particular situation and preferences. Body lifts, transfer case drops and other variables are easily surmounted, thus its broad compatibility and finally its ease of use.

Novak Conversion SK2X Transfer Case ShifterA trend of "dumbing down" transfer case shifters has long been in effect. With the advent of the New Process chain driven transfer cases, a single shifter with a "Z-gate" design was introduced, ostensibly as a safety to keep the operator or any unrestrained occupants in the Jeep from inadvertently shifting the transfer case during operation. This Z-gate contributes to the hard, clunky, rigid feel of shifting so many have disliked. Perhaps at even greater fault is the complex maze of linkage rods, joints and brackets that zig and zag their way, eventually arriving to the transfer case shift plate.

Novak Conversions SK2X Transfer Case ShifterNovak's goal was to simplify the shifting mechanism, where the complex linkage causes the transfer case to pop out of its range or mode unexpectedly. The assembly is designed to also eliminate the bindings that occur in the factory linkages, especially those caused by flex when on the trail or rocks, that have a detrimental effect on the shifting process, and therefore on the performance of the Jeep.

For more information, contact Novak Conversions at (877) 602-1500 or visit

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