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ARB Announces New Differential Covers

ARB Differential CoverWhen off road, it is inevitable that obstacles and debris will be encountered that could potentially damage your differential. To help prevent this, the new ARB Differential Cover has been engineered from high tensile nodular iron to protect both the differential and ring and pinion set from any off road hazards.

The computer optimised cross brace design increases the structural rigidity of the whole axle. This additional strength reduces housing flex which helps keep the ring and pinion gears aligned in perfect mesh (full tooth surface contact). This effectively increases ring and pinion life and overall maximum torque load. Reduced housing flex also means better carrier bearing alignment, which will greatly prolong the life of the bearings.

The combination of the high filler point and dipstick design also allows the differential oil level to be adjusted higher to compensate for customised high driveline angles.

Supplied with high tensile cap screws that are recessed into the cover for protection against obstacles that might damage or loosen them, the Differential Cover's drain plug has also been designed with a low profile to resist damage. All ARB Differential Covers come equipped with drain plugs, even for applications like Dana Spicer models that never actually came with a drain plug of their own.

One of the major features of the ARB Differential Cover is the top quality, high power neodymium magnets in both the drain plug and dipstick. These collect metallic wear particles from your oil as the vehicle moves. Removing the dipstick allows an easy infield check for water contamination (foam on the dipstick) or the tell-tale signs of internal damage (any larger particles which will also collect on the magnet), all without having to drain any oil. To complete the design, all covers are finished in a red powder coat, CNC machined, and finally clear coated for a durable, professional, long lasting finish.

ARB's Differential Cover is perfect for both competition and 4WDing use where harsh off road work is to be encountered. ARB's engineering team is currently involved in developing a range of covers to suit Dana  30, 35, 44 and 60 differentials, catering for vehicles including the Ford F250, Land Rover Defender, Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee XJ. For the latest information on availability please contact ARB at  425/264-1391 or on the web at

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